Data and Document Destruction

Keep your information safe!

Failing to destroy sensitive information can result in identity theft, fraud, and put your personal and company secrets risk. You need a recycling company that you can trust. At Complete Electronics Recycling, we understand that responsible recycling isn’t just about reducing environmental impacts, but it incorporates a strong emphasis on data security as well. Regardless if your data is on paper, hard drives, or cell phones, we offer services to keep you protected.

Shredded Documents

Secure Document Shredding

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all your sensitive documents have been securely destroyed!

Every single business has documents that should be safely disposed of. Employment Forms, financial documents, and patient health records to name a few, should all be shredded. As companies transition to a more digitized records system they often end up with a ton of confidential information on paper that ends up simply thrown in the garbage. Don’t let your company make that mistake! Those important documents in the trash put your company and everyone at that does business with you at risk! Also, there’s no need for all of that paper to end up in a landfill when there is an easier, more environmentally friendly option.

Document Shredding Bag

Complete Shred Bags

Document shredding has never been more convenient or affordable!

Behold! The Complete Shred Bag! Secure and convenient, the Complete Shred Bag from Complete Electronics Recycling is the perfect way to collect confidential and sensitive documents until they’re ready to be shredded. We offer two sizes (small and large) to accommodate your home or business shredding needs.
When your bag is full, just seal it up and bring it back to Complete Electronics Recycling. We shred the bag whole and the shredded paper is recycled. Since the Complete Shred Bag is never opened, your safety and security are guaranteed!

Destroyed harddrives

Secure Data Destruction

Don’t let your digital data fall into the wrong hands!

Properly disposing of your digital information has never been more important as it is today. Your computer is a gold mine for identity thieves and cyber criminals. How are you supposed to protect yourself? The team at Complete Electronics Recycling has you covered! We offer several services which follow industry best practices to ensure your data is completely and permanently destroyed. From individuals with one hard drive to Fortune 500 corporations with thousands of drives, we have a solution for you. Read More

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