Data Destruction

Don’t let your digital data fall into the wrong hands!

data destruction

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that you take great care when disposing or recycling your old computers and other electronic devices. These contain a vast amount of personal and sensitive information that are a gold mine for identity thieves and other criminals. You need to ensure that you are using a trustworthy recycler who guarantees the responsible handing of devices with your personal information.

Each customer receives our Complete Data Destruction Guarantee. This means that all data on every hard drive, laptop, and cell phone is completely destroyed physically (shredding) or digitally (secure wiping/sanitization). We follow the National Institute of Standards & Technology Special Publication 800-88 (NIST SP 800-88) Guidelines for Media Sanitization.

We understand that some clients may be required to physically witness the destruction of their electronic media, want a little more peace of mind, or just want to see something be shredded. Complete Electronics Recycling can arrange for witnessed destruction by hosting the client at our facility. A Certificate of Destruction will be provided with your contact information as well as the serial number of every device destroyed. Contact us for more information or to arrange Witnessed Destruction.

Without taking the necessary precautions, your company can be held liable for any data breach with potentially severe ramifications. The team at Complete Electronics recycling is ready to meet your data destruction needs!

Why You Should Work With Us


We’ve been a staple in the recycling and data destruction industry in southwest Missouri for more than 5 years with a proven track record of responsibility, security, and convenient access.

Quality Staff

Our friendly, trustworthy staff will work with you to understand your needs. Not only are the nicest, friendliest, and most honest shredding team around, they have each passed a criminal background check as well as regular drug testing.


Our facility is open 6 days a week and with convenient drop off hours, scheduled service, and mobile shredding options, we take the hassle out of data destruction and make the process easy.

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